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Travel No Matter helps people who have a physical disability to travel.

I believe that we all have the right to explore our beautiful world, no matter what barriers we may face. We should all have the ability to travel safely, confidently and affordably.

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About Me

About Me


My name is Heather and I work as a nurse at a Spinal Injuries Centre in the UK. When I am not working or travelling around, I enjoy walking, photography, cooking and watching live music.

I got the travel bug in my early twenties when I decided to up roots and hitchhike around Europe with my backpack, tent and very little money. Seeing the world in that raw fashion made me realise how precious it is and that everyone, no matter what barriers they may face, has the right to enjoy it.

Since becoming a nurse and working with people who have profound physical disabilities, I have been gaining a understanding of what matters to people most when they are learning to adapt to a new life. Talk of travel is common, along with the belief that it is difficult to do when disabled. My aim with Travel No Matter, is to challenge this way of thinking by helping people to find ways to travel safely and confidently.

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